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Air washing lock (manlock)

Air washing locks, or also manlocks, are meant to prevent the transfer of particles to the pure side by an entering person. PEA offers manlocks made out of stainless steel for all clean room classes. Herewith all persons entering -or, if necessary, leaving-  a clean room are passing an effective air wash in advance. Therefore the transfer of particles can be almost avoided.

Our manlocks from PEA GmbH are made out of stainless steel and are suitable for clean rooms of all classes.

An outstanding attribute of the manlocks is the modular concept which allows the option of using the manlock as a gasable material lock.

How does a manlock work?

After a person enters the lock a fan is activated and pure air is blown through the nozzles with high velocity and heavily impulsed. The air streams cover the whole surface of the clean room clothing, detach the particles and aerosols and remove them with a rotation stream to the filter system – supported by the spin effect out of the air passage. In the filter system, the air will be refined and flows to the chamber again.