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The gas generators Geschko are made for the surface disinfection. The devices are designed for the safe and effective decontamination of clean rooms. Instead of the often used toxic formaldehyde, we from PEA GmbH use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to gas clean rooms. Additional, this method is less endangering humans and environment.

Therefore, the gas generators produce a H2O2-gas from a H2O2-solution. After the cycle, the gas decomposes to water and oxygen (to speed up this process, our Geschkos are equipped with a catalyst). Another advantage is that this method is eco-friendly because of its technical prerequisites which are easy to provide –even at a normal room temperature.

Our gas generators work fully automated in a closed cycle with fast cycle times. The devices are able to operate non-stop because of their multi-level cooling and drying system, which does not need any regeneration time.

The control of the PEA GmbH Geschko can have 13 to 500 programs –according to your demands. Furthermore, the gas generators possess an external printer to print you flawless protocols.

Our gas generators can be delivered as mobile devices or can be integrated in your laboratory or in your sluice.

Our Geschkos…

… can be constructed according to your specified dimensions.

… are easy to handle.

… are adapted to the latest safety regulations.

… are fully automated.

… are of highest quality.

… are of best technology.

… are the best of their class!