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Special solutions

All our products are made according to your wishes. That is why it is not a problem for us to develop a special solution for your conditions. Of course, we are very likely to help you with planning.

For example: are you looking for a gas generator for the bottling of food? For that, we would like to recommend you our Geschko with extremely short cycle times.

Do you wish for a gas generator for decontaminating vehicles (e.g. ambulances, tanks) or very huge area (e.g. halls)? We adapt the programs and performance ability of the devices to the size you wish.

In case that you are looking for a device that gasses your room from the inside of the room and which you do not have to connect to a piping or hose system, please have a look on our brand new Geschko Zeta!

Or do you look for a “low-budget”-device? We are sure that we can offer you the right device, so that your new gas generator is not only according to all your wishes, but also to your financial imaginations!

Of course, we have (as mentioned before) an open mind about new ideas and requests and we make your gas generator to your order.