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Gastight doors

If you are looking for a safe solution to separate a room gastightly from another room, we would like to recommend you our gastight door.

The doors are equipped with a fully automated control. You only need to press the main switch (key switch), which is located in the control cabinet. For your own safety, there are place the emergency switch as well on the outside as on the inside. Furthermore, LEDs are placed to inform you about the status of the door. So, our doors are not only easy to handle, but also very safe. 

The doors are produced customer-specific, adapted to your room, and built into the wall of the enclosure that has to be sealed, so that they guarantee a safe closing towards the impure side. If wished, the doors are available with a viewing window.

For us, it is self-evident that the safety of the employees plays an important role. That’s why there are placed the emergency switches on both sites and the LEDs inform about the status of the door –not only if gassing is in progress or not, but also about potential interferences or similar problems.

The air inlet is started by an electrically controlled valve. The gassing of the laboratory can be interrupted by an emergency switch.

Furthermore, the doors can be used as emergency doors.