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The PEA lock systems are made to transfer objects and materials into enclosures with high hygienic requirements (clean rooms). Naturally, the other way round is also possible: protecting the surrounding area against contamination. So, if there is work with cytostatics or infectious material in the room which should be separated, our systems also serve to unload safely.

Depending on the construction, they consist of a chamber, which can be opened by two or more lock doors. As all the locks are produced by ourselves, individually and by your requests, for instance they are made of hardened glass with polished edges, with double disks, in order to insert a dynamic seal, or stainless steel with or without a viewing window –or of the material of your wishes. The space is generous.

The decontamination can be done with various disinfectants and the rinsing time can be selected individually. In addition, there is also the possibility of a fully automatic decontamination.  

Ground flat door sills allow access on wheels. To handle them easily, smaller locks are delivered with integrated tracks.

Thanks to Siemens SPS controlling, all the locks are easy to operate.

The doors are locked electrically against each other in order to prevent the simultaneous opening of two doors. The door status is shown by signal lamps or comfortably displayed on an operation panel on all sides of the sluice.

Sluices available:

  •          Transfer hatches
  •          Aerated transfer hatch locks
  •          Air washing locks
  •          Compulsory showers
  •          Per acetic acid locks
  •          Hydrogen peroxide locks
  •          Locks
  •          Fully automatic disinfection transfer hatches
  •          Manlocks

Our locks…

… are produced individually and customized.

… are always up to date with the latest safety and hygiene requirements.

… have the seal of quality “Made in Germany” and are produced internally.

… don’t need any external devices and have a space-saving design.

… can be maintained without interrupting the cleanroom area.

… are easy to operate.

… are of highest quality!