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Hydrogen peroxide locks

The PEA GmbH hydrogen peroxide locks can be used for a safe transfer and disinfection of goods at the same time.

These locks are developed specially for thermo-unstable, sensible goods which are not resistant against other disinfectants to undertake them a gentle hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gassing.

During the gassing, the integrated gas generator evaporates a hydrogen peroxide solution into the airflow of the material lock. The tubular flow spreads the mixture continuously during the period of the dwell time. Afterwards, the lock will be rinsed automatically until the acceptable MAC-level. The single steps of the process are supervised via sensors. Naturally, different production processes have different requests to decontamination and that is why we developed various decontamination programs according to your requirements.

So, your goods are disinfected without getting damaged.

Thanks to the integration of the whole installation in the upper part of the casing, the required space is only the stand space, as well as no external devices or disturbing wires of the mediums are needed. The entire solution consists of pharmasuitable stainless steel but can also be made of other robust materials (as for example doors made of glass).

The maintenance is always done from the impure site to keep your clean rooms clean.

As we produce customized, everything is possible: if you need a very small or large lock or if you want special cycle times, that’s not a problem for us! Just tell us what you are looking for!